Refugee School Impact Program


Our Goal

The  New Arrivals Institute Refugee School Impact Grant provides an  exemplary experience for every family who enters the program by creating  a safe and nurturing environment for school age children, ages 5 to 18  years old. The School Impact Grant as administered by NAI addresses  barriers refugee families face in accessing and maintaining educational  services for their children during the the first 5 years in the United  States. NAI accomplishes these goals by providing a multi-pronged  approach that includes Parent Focused Assistance, After-School  Activities, and In-School Services. NAI also conducts outreach  activities and provides translation and interpretation, if necessary,  during the provision of services. 

Parent Focused Assistance

Parent  Focused Assistance encourages parental involvement in their children's  education, engages parents in school activities, assists with family  stability concerns, provides home visits and ESOL parent/child classes  and distributes a Parent Education Packet. Parent focused assistance  takes place at the Refugee New Arrival School, Glen Haven and Legacy  Crossing Community Centers, and during cultural orientation. 

In-School Services

In-School  Services include school enrollment, liaising with parents and the  school, consulting with school staff concerning student progress and  challenges, advocating for students and parents, referral for additional  school services, enrollment into school programs such as sports teams  and assisting with school orientation. Service also includes in-school  tutoring, both with groups in the classroom and individual help. 

After-School Services

After-School  Services include tutoring 5 days per week during the school year,  mentoring, social enrichment activities (such as Girl Scouts, sports  leadership, teen time, middle school science club, etc.) twice per week,  summer programming twice weekly at each community center, and field  trips 6 times per year. NAI also provides 10 weeks of Summer Literacy,  Arts, Music and Movement (SLAMM) programming at the Refugee New Arrival  School for school-age youth, 6 to 15 years old, to prepare them for  entering the school system for the first time in the fall and for youth  who are out of school on summer break.

How Can I Help?

The New Arrivals Institute is continually looking for dedicated individuals  and groups to volunteer. Volunteer opportunities include: 

  • Tutor a refugee youth
  • Volunteer in the SLAMM program
  • Chaperone a field trip
  • Provide a specific lesson for classes such as music, arts, crafts, theatrical play
  • Help organize a donations drive
  • Provide snacks for SLAMM


To enroll a family in the School Impact Program, please contact Kristian Hultgren at:  (336) 383-2219 OR

Parent Focused Assistance:

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For volunteer opportunities, contact Lynn Thompson at to set up an interview and get started!

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