Other Refugee and Immigrant Services


Health Education

Through a partnership  with the Cone Health Congregational Nurses program students are provided  with health services and classes. By working together NAI and the  Congregational Nurses have developed health lessons and a model of  service that builds community capacity for meeting health needs 

Skills Certification

The Vocational Education  Program helps refugee clients reach self-sufficiency through assistance  with GED and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) preparation,  high school diploma and degree translation and/or evaluation, and skills  re-certification.  

Supportive Services

NAI provides assistance  and necessary resources to clients who are in need of supportive  services. A Case Manager and UNCG/NCA&T Social Work Interns also  help clients work towards self-sufficiency by working with them in the  areas of health, government assistance, and housing.  

Community Laison

NAI  seeks to bring parties together to increase open communication and  effective interaction between clients and key stakeholder groups within  the community. This includes community outreach, providing cultural  competency training and referring clients to appropriate community  services

Volunteering with NAI

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