Employment Readiness Programs

Job Readiness


NAI provides  Vocational Education classes that prepare clients for the American  workplace. Classes include employment readiness, how to find and keep a  job, interactions within the workplace and job skills.

The NAI mobile computer lab allows teachers to utilize online ESOL,  employment and citizenship programs in the classroom. It also gives  clients the opportunity to learn important computer skills that they can  use in their job search

Vocational Skills Training



NAI  assists clients with enrolling into Quick Jobs or Career Readiness  courses through the Target Assistant Grant program. NAI works with  qualified clients to assess their goals and refer them to GTCC for  placement.

The Quick Job courses cover subjects such as Certified Nursing Assistant, Pharmacy Technician, Welding, Auto Safety Technician, Computer Integrated Machining and more.

These courses teach clients the necessary skills to help them find gainful employment in their chosen field.